The State of The Mountain Birds

Measuring Population Health Across Two Decades

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Silhouette of birds in flight

What is a Mountain Bird?

The evergreen forests that drape the slopes of the high mountains of the northeastern United States are home to a special group of birds. Outside of these mountains, most live only in the boreal forest of northern Canada and Alaska. These are our mountain birds.

Meet the Mountain Birds

Measuring the Health of Mountain Birds With Citizen Science

Every summer since 2001, hundreds of dedicated citizen-scientists have taken to the high country from New York to Maine to count mountain birds. The data they collect allow us to measure the health of our mountain birds.

The Mountain Birdwatch Program

Conservation Action

Conservation works best when it is informed by science. What does the science say about maintaining the health of mountain birds?

Taking Action

About The State of The Mountain Birds Report

Documenting the State of the Mountain Birds would not have been possible without help from many people and organizations. Learn more about that community here.

About the State of the Mountain Birds Report

Meet the Mountain Birds