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A Mountain Birdwatch Community Scientist sits atop a mountain at sunrise looking through binoculars.

About Mountain Birdwatch

Mountain Birdwatch is about the birds, but it doesn't happen without people. It takes an organization committed to the endeavor and a whole bunch of partner organizations and dedicated community scientists.

The Community Scientists

From its inception, Mountain Birdwatch has depended on community scientists. It would be nearly impossible to annually survey birds at ~750 locations scattered across hundreds of square kilometers of mountaintop forest without their inspiring efforts and actions. We cannot thank them enough!

The Honor Roll: meet the people who have volunteered their time for Mountain Birdwatch. 


The Organizations

The Vermont Center for Ecostudies led the development and implementation of Mountain Birdwatch. Past and current VCE scientists like Kent McFarland, Steve Faccio, Chris Rimmer, John Lloyd, and now Jason Hill continue to ensure that the program runs smoothly, that the data are collected and analyzed properly, and that the results get into the hands of the decision-makers that need them. Former VCE scientists like Dan Lambert, Julie Hart, and Judith Scarl were instrumental to the development and launch of Mountain Birdwatch in its early years. In Canada, Mountain Birdwatch was implemented by Bird Studies Canada, Regroupment Quebec Oiseaux, and the Canadian Wildlife Service.

These organizations have provided critical funding, volunteer or logistical support, outreach assistance, or other partnership for our Mountain Birdwatch project.



State of the Mountain Birds